Patrick Fynn is a student and talented writer. He is the author of the book, “You Are On Your Own” and a blogger at The team caught up with him to interview him in the build-up to the launch of his book on June 4, 2016. We are happy to share the life of this inspirational young man with you.


2EB: Let’s start with a cliché question: Tell us about yourself. Oh, that’s not a question; it’s a statement. Here is a question: Who is Patrick Fynn?

Patrick: Patrick Fynn is a Christian born into a Ghanaian family of five. He was born in the early ’90s and has spent the majority of his life in Accra. He’s a student of Univ. College of Health and currently doing his clinical internship at Pentecost Hospital. He’s a product of Confidence Academy and later Tema Secondary School, an Alma Mata he’s always been proud of.

Patrick writes, speaks, treats, thinks, creates and sTands out.

2EB: How did you start writing and why?

Patrick: From infancy, I have always loved the English language apart from Science. I found myself attracted to reading and pouring my thoughts on paper. It came naturally and as I grew I realized how much I appreciate writing. I actually started writing short stories for a certain magazine in primary school. Later I would save money to buy writing pad, envelopes and stamp to mail write-ups to be published in Junior Graphic. That was in JHS. I was privileged to be appointed onto the editorial board of TEMASCO as an editor in my first year. We released the first newsletters. I later became the Dep. Chief Editor.

My writing got better when I was selected to do debates, presentations on behalf of the school. English tutors in the school trained me well to excel in all that. After high school, I started doing social commentary, opinions, inspirations and reviews on my blog and on any other place you can find my works. Writing has been fun!

2EB: How do you juggle between your day job and writing?

Patrick: Like I said I’m doing clinical rotation now. But before that, I was in school. Well, I’ve never allowed my daily schedule to prevent me from writing. I actually spend the daytime thinking about what to write and how to go about it. Then, I do the lettering at night. Unless the write up is a quick, short one; I always work at night. So that hardly gets interrupted by work or school.

2EB: Who/What influenced/influences your writing?

Patrick: People, Places, Happenings, Songs, Movies… anything you can think of. Sometimes the things I write about are things others have talked about. I find a deeper meaning and play around it. Anything and everything inspires me. And most importantly God dawns ideas on me. I tend to make something out of anything or everything or nothing.

2EB: What do you say is your style of writing and that style?

Patrick: People say I like to play with the minds of readers. I think that’s very true. I don’t know what style that is, but I also agree that I tend to leave the reader to think more after reading. My style is such that I always want to employ as many literary tools as possible in one piece. I like metaphors, similes, sarcasm, humour and analogies. The reason is simple – it’s the only way to get people to read all your 1,500 words without getting bored.

2EB: Now, tell us about your book. What inspired you to write the book? Was it borne out of experience?

Patrick: Yes. I wrote the book out of a few life experiences. Having been through quite a number of them, I made the realization that we are responsible for our own lives. Interestingly every person must have similar situations. You will be amused by exactly how I came by the concept and title. I will reserve that for the official launch.

2EB: Your book talks about independence/self-reliance. Isn’t that against the direction the world is taking now where we are supposed to join forces to make the world a better place? Can anyone be completely on his or her own, as your book seems to propagate?

Patrick: First, let me mention that I’m excited about how controversial the theme is and how uneasy it is to go down with people. It means the book is teaching something unusual. No one can be ALONE but everyone can be ON THEIR OWN.  That is why no two people are the same. We have extraordinarily distinct features as individuals that separate us all. The implication is Self-Reliance, Self-Responsibility and Self Authority. I will throw you a challenge: if you insist you are not on your own, try depending on a relative, friend or the government for anything and wait on them to change your life. You will love the results of this test.

2EB:  Are you on your own?

Patrick: Yes I am. And everyone should too. I make my own decisions and I bear the consequences. I create my own opportunities. I make use of my God-given resources and direct my life according to His purpose.

2EB: Why should anyone buy your book?

Patrick: It is not a coincidence that this book is coming forth on June 4 – which means it will cause a revolution! People need this book to make their lives take a better turn. People need to book to tell make them realize how much reality they have been missing all this while. People need to buy ‘YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN’ to be part of the transformation it will bring to mankind.

2EB: What challenges did you have in the process of publishing the book?

Patrick: The usual suspects: financial constraints, delays, disappointments. It’s a self-published project and you can imagine how much resource goes in. Unfortunately in our part of the world, it’s hard to get support from anyone or any organization. Not so much help has been available and it’s been tough coming this far. People also don’t stop disappointing too. But we no bore. It shall be well.

2EB: What does the future look like for Patrick Fynn?

Patrick: I dream of a future where I would impact lots of lives through healthcare and inspirations. I want to be a reason why people with lost hope will smile and continue to live the kind of lives they are born to live. And I want to make a lot of money too, very important.

2EB: You recently wrote an article to shame someone who swindled you. It’s fascinating the tool writing has become, isn’t it?

Patrick: The pen is one very powerful tool that we should never undermine. Publishing that story exerts more weight than having to drag that gentleman to court. Writers have the power to write the templates of society. We can change the world with words and that is what we should capitalize on to expose evil whiles encouraging goodness.

2EB: There are a lot of writers/authors coming up these days. What does this mean to the writing community in Ghana?

Patrick: The art or writing is becoming a louder tool in modern society. It is beginning to overtake the likes of Television, Radio. Online newspapers, newsletters, blogs have now become the order of the day. Now we see people doing reviews or films and music every now and then. The demand for writers is gradually becoming high and the art of writing is getting attractive.

2EB: What do you suggest we do to improve the content we are creating as writers to influence society?

Patrick: We must learn to learn. Writers need to cast their nets wider and grasp more ideas to enhance the skill. We should be authoritative in the opinions we make whiles stating the facts and truth without fear or inducement. You do not expect society to get better if you make one-sided opinions. Writers need motivation. There are few or no schemes to award deserving bloggers, authors, editors, content creators and what have you. That further goes to say people need to pay for writing services too.

2EB: Finally, what advice would you give to anyone who wants to write or publish a book?

Patrick: Anyone who has the burning desire to have a book should just do it! It is important to win the attention and admiration of a target audience ahead of the release of your book. Aspiring writers should cultivate the habit of making consultations and learning from forerunners in order to be the best at what they’re doing. This is also necessary for networking too. Then, they should just write the book with all the passion it deserves.

2EB: Thanks Patrick

Patrick: Thanks, guys.


The details of the launch of Patrick’s book are as follows

Date: 4th June, 2016

Venue: Bronx View Hotel, Tantra Hills, Accra

Time: 4:00 pm