“Are you gonna make your way over here or stand there like Kwame Nkrumah’s statue?” Ashorkor crouched in his bed.

“Wh…wh…what…what are you doing here?” he miraculously uttered. He dried his cold and sweaty palm in his shorts. He felt his soul leave his body, he could not think straight. How? What? When? Where? Confusion marring his face, sweat cascading down, he gulped. He wished her out of his room; but the strength to do so eluded him. He felt worthless. Why was this happening to him? He had not for once imagined himself being attracted to Ashorkor, well apart from the first time he saw her in his father’s hall. But he squelched it once he found out she was her father’s princess.

“Hey, I know you’re stronger than this; I saw how you held that lady when she jumped into your arms. Don’t tell me all that strength has vanished into thin air.” Ashorkor taunted, her voice more seductive than ever. With ease, she got off the bed and strode towards him, her intentions clear as day; him. He gulped. ‘Oh Joseph. How did you overcome your temptation?’ He prayed, in his heart. But there was no answer.

Did he miscalculate? Or his prayers had been answered, because Ashorkor walked on past him towards the door. “Whew. Anka obonsam de me y3 ha nam ama ne se” Kojo turned to watch her open the door and leave. But she stopped. Turned to face him, locked eyes with Kojo. His eyes moved to her smiling lips. What he wouldn’t do to have a taste of them. He barely heard the lock sound made when Ashorkor turned the key, “we don’t want any interruptions.” she drawled.

Kojo’s heart raced like he had just ran a marathon. He could feel his heart pound in his chest as Ashorkor sauntered towards him. All this while he was glued to the spot, unable to utter a word – he felt numb. “Tell me you don’t want this; tell me you don’t want to explore all this.” She gestured when she got into his space. Slowly, she led him to the bed, pushed him onto it and started to disrobe. Kojo’s head begun to throb, blood moved downwards. The fan did nothing to reduce the temperature.
Eerrmm…..hood…shie….aart….uds……s….” Kojo tried saying something.

“Shhhh” Ashorkor silenced him before he could ruin the moment. She pulled off his shorts and climbed into the bed with him.  She slowly lowered her lips on his shocked ones and kept them there. After seconds of hesitation, Kojo ran his fingers through her hair and she found herself on top of him. Ashorkor’s bikini top was discarded and the two were lost in their own world.

“🎶so you see my brother, the life is so short; it passes so quickly and…” Kojo’s phone rang; with his strength renewed like that of Sampson on his last day, he pushed Ashorkor off him and got the phone. Without checking who the caller was he answered.
“hello” his voice coarse.

“Kojo, how are you?” came Mr Appiah’s voice from the other side.
“Dad! What a surprise, how are you?” he tried to remain calm. Ashorkor took that as a cue and got dressed- the mood was spoilt.

“Is Ashorkor not in the house? I’ve been calling her phone yet she’s not answering.” Mr Appiah complained.
“Uh…I’m not sure Dad, I haven’t stepped out of my room all day. Let me check and revert.” Kojo said and hanged up before his lie was detected.

“You better have a very good explanation to give him.” Kojo fired at Ashorkor who just sat there and grinned.
“Don’t worry cupcake, I’ve got him wrapped around my fingers.” Ashorkor assured. “Let me go and sort him out; you get yourself ready for what’s coming next.” She whispered into his ears as she grabbed his butt. Kojo froze as he watched her disappear out of the door. Geez, even infinix phones do not freeze continuously like he did.

Later that day:

Kojo went out to sit in the garden at the back of the house. Hard as he tried he could not get the image of earlier out of his mind. The worst part was he did not regret it this time round. What was happening to him, he had a fiancé for Pete’s sakes; why did he not feel guilty for almost cheating on her – well for cheating on her? He picked up his phone to call Rose. He had to come clean. He always said the key to a successfully relationship is openness – he had to practise what he preached.

“Hello darling” Rose answered.
“Hu… Hi. Rose how are you?” Kojo staggered.

“Rose? What happened to baby, sweetheart, and my favourite monkey? Are you okay love?” Rose was unsettled about Kojo’s tone.
“uh..what? I mean…yes…yes I’m good. How are you too?” he managed to say.
“is that bitch causing any trouble? I’d come over right away and put her in her place” Rose pushed.
“No no no….there wouldn’t be any need for that. I just have a slight headache that’s all. I’ll be fine.” He lied before he even knew it. Lie number 2, and it wasn’t even noon.
“But of course your head will ache; why wouldn’t it if you have to live with that…. well you know what; I mean who.”
“You have no idea. My dear, there’s something I need to tell you.” He uttered before he changed his mind.
“Go on dear. I’ve got you.” She urged him.
“I’m not sure how to say this. You see… I…”
The phone vanished.

The line went dead.

Rose tried calling back but to couldn’t reach him. “Probably low battery ” – she thought.

“Ah! What is wrong with you? That was my fiancé; why did you do that?” Kojo fired at Ashorkor. His confession is incomplete now.
“I can’t let you do that, I’m sorry.” She replied rather calmly.
“Why?! Huh, why?!” Kojo’s fists clenched as he tried to make meaning of the situation.

“Because then I’ll have to tell your dad what happened between us. It’s only fair that way.” She said with a smug.
“What! You wouldn’t do that; would you?” Kojo calmed down.

“Why wouldn’t I? You want to come clean with your fiancé and you don’t think it’s prudent for me to do same with my husband?” Ashorkor fired back, her voice slightly raised.
“He would hate you.” Kojo tried to discourage her.
“It depends on what I tell him. Don’t forget I’m his princess. And don’t even think about defending yourself; it will be your word against mine. I know you don’t want to go down that path with me.” Ashorkor teased.

Sighs. “What do you want from me?” Kojo asked like the broken record that he was.
“First, you’re going to call her in fifteen minutes time and explain that your phone went dead. Then you’ll have to come up with a better story to tell her, regarding whatever you wanted to tell her early on.” Ashorkor relayed it to kojo.

She walked away like the princess she was as Kojo sat there and buried his face in his palms. He could not believe what he had gotten himself into.
“And Oh, I almost forgot, Your Dad is coming home tomorrow. He finished with his work earlier than expected.” She dropped the bomb and left before it detonated.
“Oh God! I am dead.”
“🎶 So you see my brother the life is so short…” his phone rang two minutes after putting on.
“Holy shit!” You guessed right. Rose was calling.
To be continued.