In spite of our different backgrounds, we are of one tribe.

Yeah, you read the title right. Let me tell you a story. There comes a time in the life of a woman when she must fall in love. After seven months of battling with words, I have been healed of my tongue-tiedness syndrome aka POP.  Hallelujah!

The love I harbour is bursting at the seams; there is an overflow. I have therefore resolved- as the Bible commands, to throw our bread upon the waters and it will come back to us- to share that love I have with you. I am not selfish.

On 16th September, 2017, I fell in love; deep, procedural love. I fell in love with words and lyrics. I fell in love with a couple of characters. Most importantly, I fell in love with The brain of the Brain behind the play, Tribeless. Merhn, I was awed, more like mesmerized by the finesse of this young dude (He may have been my teacher a few years ago, but he is still young. LOL). This guy may be quiet and unassuming but don’t be deceived; he’s got pretty great lines that get you swooning.

Trust me when I say, I cannot wait to watch Tribeless again. I cannot wait to meet the crew and Kobina Ansah. If this is how love feels, I want to experience it over and over again.

In his own words, “Tribeless is a potpourri of emotions, sarcasm and humour.” Tribeless evokes emotions you never knew existed.

On that stage, I saw real talents showcased. I saw the struggles of many a young folk stripped bare for the world to see. I saw four characters portray a visual picture of the struggles of many. On that stage, I saw dedication personified. Every single person- characters,lighting, sound, vocalists, band- who played a role in Tribeless showed an enviable level of dedication. Well, from the few times I went around during rehearsal. Not one thing was out of order.

It is no doubt Kobina is gifted. With Tribeless, the blind felt his impact through the sounds- songs, lines and laughter- around them.  The deaf was blessed to see the tempting sounds so clear. The dumb may not tell you about their experience, but they heard and saw all there was to see.

I remember back in Senior High School where Kobina will be outside the classroom before the bell was rung for change of lesson and he left immediately his time was up. His punctuality used to irk a lot of students. So it is not a wonder his plays start on time. His GMT is +0:00 and not a second more. Be warned.



This lady tried to crawl her way into my heart that night. She wanted to take the mansion I’d built for Kobina Ansah. Can you imagine?

The Character played by Millicent was nothing I had seen anywhere, even on our screens where almost everything is possible. She reaffirmed a theory I have tried to live my life by. “A lady can be independent. A lady can hustle. If you have to be aggressive and assertive to make it in life, do it. Do not leave it to the men alone.” Her character ministered to me; That you try to be independent does not make you an alien. Keep on grinding.


Every group needs a Fusseini. On hazy, foggy days, we all need that one person to make us see reason in why we chose to tow this path in the first place. Fusseini may have been discouraged in his heart, but he took it upon himself to spur his colleagues on.


Tribeless may have been about the hustle of young folks and an encouragement to forge further in trying times, but it would not have been complete without a trace of matters of the heart. Amidst life’s struggles to make something substantive, our hearts yearn for comfort.

Then there was the breast cancer awareness part. This showed that Tribeless was on top of issues around the world. In the world of growing urbanization, breast cancer has become a canker that needs to be tackled at every turn. I was glad when Kobina included it. One down side of it was, this part was sprung on us. A build up to that scene would have been great.

Four squatters are wound together by destiny- one tomboy of a trotro conductor, one rapper of a pickpocket, one sweet-voiced head potter and a dancing hawker. The going gets tough… and the tough must get going. They decide to use what they have to get what they want. They form a music/dance group, TRIBLESS. Just when they are about to hit the jackpot of a competition, conflicts set in!

Will greed get in their way? Will TRIBELESS break apart? Will the lovebirds still hold on despite all the conflicts? Find out, on Saturday, June 16. Venue is the National Theatre. Come let’s laugh our hearts out while we pick lessons. Come let’s connect. Come let us meet up. Do not miss this not even for all the sugar in Cuba or beef in Argentina.

Side Note: If you plan to steal my heart, you need to outdo Tribeless.