“Who did you see Kojo, huh who did you see? I am not a patient man. Show me that image you wanted to show me. Come on boy, where is it?” Mr. Appiah probed further, more like commanded his son.

Kojo wished to be anywhere but here. He wished for mountains to crumble on him, oceans to sweep him into an abyss, yet his prayer went unanswered. Fear gripped him; he hadn’t seen his father like that before. Struggling to remain calm, Kojo papa clenched and unclenched his fists, ready to punch to oblivion.

Trembling, he reached into his pocket and brought out the blasted phone, he couldn’t hold on to the phone as it dropped from his hands. Mr. Appiah walked toward his excuse of a son, his arms folded over his chest. The expression on his face could not be read.  Nana remained on the chair and watched as the matter unravelled, he couldn’t say or do anything either. He figured it’d be best to let father and son sort out their issues. He wanted to leave to excuse them but he feared any wrong move could make things go haywire. He sat still.

“Dad I need you to calm okay; this is all a mis …”

“Kojo I’ve had enough of your accusations and false alarms, all in the name of looking out for me. I said show me what you’ve got on your phone. I won’t repeat myself.” Mr. Appiah cut Kojo off.

Resignedly, he handed his phone to his father slowly. “Here Dad. That’s what I wanted to show you earlier”. Fear and trepidation filling his voice.

Mr Appiah glanced on the phone’s screen. Then he squinted, as if to see clearly who were in the photo, making Kojo heave a sigh of relief. Tried as he could, Mr. Appiah couldn’t not make any meaning of the photo. He raised his head looked at his son, a frown adding more wrinkles to around his eyes.

“What the heck is this, and what has it got to do with my princess?” Kojo’s face fell, his relief short lived. His confidence died completely. Why this question? Couldn’t he see who was in the photo? Her dress, haircut, her profile, couldn’t he recognise that the one is the picture was his so-called princess, Ashorkor? The fan didn’t seem to be doing much at that point.

“You don’t recognise anyone in that photo Dad? Look closer, come on look at the lady in the photo; he haircut, that dress designed with red roses and those earrings. They don’t ring any bells in your mind?” kojo tried to draw his father’s attention to what he believed was Ashorkor in the photo.

Mr. Appiah became impatient; his eyes turned red as sweat started to gather his face as well. “is this a joke? Who the heck is that? I can’t see the person’s face. All I see is her back, her dress and shoes as you’ve pointed out. How am I supposed to make meaning of that?” Mr Appiah flared at his son with blazing eyes.

“Dad that’s Ashorkor in there. Don’t you recognize the earrings? I saw her at the…..”


Before he could register what happened, another wham! resonating in the room, making it almost impossible to hear Nana gasp. The pain was indescribable. “When did they change the ceiling’s POP to tiles?” He thought to himself. Only a while later, he realized he was on the ground and not upright.  He sat up halfway on the floor and felt his left cheek.

Nana who couldn’t believe what just happened, got up to stop Mr. Appiah from causing anymore damage to his son. He stood in front of the older man and implored him to be calm. At the sight of his dreary bloodshot eyes, Nana stepped back and only hoped that Mr did not hit his son again.

Kojo dragged his butt on the floor, fleeing the wrath of his father. As his back touched the edge of the bed, he realised he was trapped.

“Daddy please…” Kojo begged.

Mr. Appiah bent, his face close to Kojo’s, looked him in the eyes and raised his bowed fist, as if to strike him again. Nana, the spectator who could take it no longer, closed his eyes. What had possessed him, he looked like the undertaker about to take out John Cena in a wrestlemania fight. This terrified him exceedingly. Mr. Appiah on second thought dropped his hand and stormed away. Leaving a dazed, yet relieved Kojo and friend in his wake.

“Back off?” Mr. Appiah said before the door banged shut.

Nana quickly got up and took the phone to look at the photo, just in time for the screen to go off. Confusion marring his face, he asked “Dude, are you okay? You based your conclusion on this? Are you that stupid? Any lady could have this same dress and haircut like. I can’t believe you Kojo. Is there something this lady has done to you give you this impression about her?” Nana could his disappointment no longer.

Kojo could not utter a word to his friend. He got up slowly from the floor and buried his face in his pillow as he slammed himself on his bed. The pain he felt could not be compared to the shame and disgust he was feeling. He knew Nana was going to hold on to this memory for a long time and taunt him with it. He felt disgusted for bringing out the worst in his father. He did not know what action his father would take next. “God please touch his heart; don’t let him throw me out of this house. Please.” He said a silently.

Ashorkor sat in the long couch with Esi’s head on her laps. The two were oblivious of the happening upstairs in Kojo’s room. Ashorkor stroked Esi’s hair while the latter cuddled her doll and laid quietly. Mr Appiah stood at the door of the parlour and stared at Ashorkor, he wanted to confront her concerning the photo he saw on Kojo’s phone and get the truth of the matter. He didn’t however want to alarm Esi and upset the little girl. He couldn’t also let the issue die out just like that. He may have made Kojo feel bad about what he did but it did not mean that photo did not hit a sensitive button in his heart.

“Ashorkor; come with me please.” Mr Appiah called out with a straight face.

What? No princess or sweetie? Just Ashorkor? Jeeze, what climbed his butt and died? Assuring her she would be back shortly, she kissed her forehead and went after Mr. Appiah. She could not help but wonder what was going on. Then it dawned on her, Kojo might have pulled another stunt to raise questions about her. She heaved a sigh and straightened her dress as she followed silently to the room. 3ky3 aa na 3dwo.

To be continued…