Today is the last working day of 2017. I am at work and grateful to have a job.

Around this same time last year, my story was different. Worse, maybe. I was quitting my old job with no clarity of what lay ahead of me. The uncertainty about the future was paralyzing. I dreaded the coming of the new year and wished I could do something to halt the ebbing of 2016. I needed time – more time – to figure out what I would do with my life, to hatch a plan and to psyche myself up for the life of an unemployed graduate until only God knew when I would get another job. The challenge of finding work in this country was not lost on me at all.

Converse to my very sanguine expectations, time did not stop for me to sort myself out. The big old clock kept walking, dragged me with it and ushered me into the uncertain waters of 2017.

Four days into 2017, when I was still asking questions about how to navigate the sea of the year, I took a step of faith and followed up on a job lead. Six days later, I had an appointment letter in my hands.

Just like that! Too easy and unexpected! It’s been six weeks on contract and ten months and nine days as a full-time employee. As I count these days, I am overwhelmed with emotions and gratitude. God has been good.

I write this to encourage anyone who is looking forward to 2018 with worry and fear. I hope my testimony assures you that God’s got you and He will prove Himself in your life. Don’t give up. Be steadfast in your devotion to him and He who is always faithful will show himself mighty and able one more time.