Friday, October 19, 2018

From Our Columnists

Taking A Journey Into the Unknown And Surviving It

Dear Elsie, Today, I begin a journey – a journey of writing. This will be my first official writing and it has thrown me into a...
social media

HardGirlBut: Your Worth Depends on Social Media Reactions

Happy new year, folks. It is my prayer that all God’s plans for you this year are rolled out without any delays. It is another year...

Love Left Me Cold and Dry

I was sitting at the parade grounds in KNUST with my earpiece in my ears. Adele’s Set Fire to The Rain was on replay....

Three Virtues I Learned From My Mother

Dear Elsie, Today, I will tell you about a particularly awesome person. A person I believe deserves all the praise and commendation I can give....

Celebrating People With Disabilities

Dear Elsie, You will find out in life that all hands are not equal. This statement is true for all humans. You will find some...

#HardGirlBut: Passion Is Everything But Nothing

Hi there, I know I have not been fair to you. I am sorry. I am still trying to adjust to the latest changes in...

Love, Smiles, Poetry & Hope

We laid the green grass on the windward side of the hill covered. We sank in the sweet aroma and candy stench carried on...

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